About Warendorf

Warendorf is an independent Dutch law firm, founded in 2002 in Amsterdam by former partners of (Trenité) Van Doorne, with the intent of creating a law firm that operates on top level and renders high-end legal services in a creative, flexible and cost-efficient manner. The name “Warendorf” has been known for years in the legal profession.

In 1947, after a four-year stay in the United Kingdom, Mr. J.C.S. Warendorf – one of the founders of “Het Parool”, the newspaper of the Dutch resistance during the Second World War – established a law firm in Amsterdam under the name “Warendorf” which developed an extensive international law practice.

Some of that firm’s clients then are still clients of the new Warendorf law firm. In the mid-seventies the Warendorf law firm merged with the Van Doorne law firm to become Van Doorne & Warendorf, which firm in its turn was involved in a succession of mergers since then to finally merge into the – now dissolved – international law firm Trenité Van Doorne.

All of the firm’s partners and almost all of its associates have their roots in the large law firms. In their wake numerous clients switched to the new Warendorf firm.

As a result, as a relatively small firm, Warendorf ranks among the large firms as to expertise and clientele. Hans C.S. Warendorf is of counsel to the firm.